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At a glance

  • Unique approach to hospitality
  • Exquisite location
  • Spotlessly clean, set in a glorious green environment
  • Major Castelli Renovation Project 2015-2016 bringing: renovated guestrooms & public areas, Free WiFi throughout, Inviting Halfboard Menu!
Maintaining our traditional charm while offering all modern facilities, Castelli Hotel's beautiful surroundings complete this unique picture, that will capture your most valuable memories.

Major Renovation Project

Castelli Hotel is offering the same as always cozy atmosphere, but now with added comfort, relaxation and new delightful features for your precious holidays!

Our A La Carte restaurant

Mediterranean dishes “with a twist” focusing on local recipes & organic ingredients. Most of the vegatables used in the Piscina dishes are produced in our vegetable farms, organic oriented!

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"We strongly care about the environment, the local community and our people, and we are committed to sustainable growth.

Our effort and sincere dedication to environmental orientation and authentic Philoxenia have been recognized by our respected partners Tour Operators, organizations and our valuable guests and colleagues,..."

Our Philosophy

A green hotel combining holidays' relaxation with the betterment of all.
A sparkle of sustainability.
Authentic Philoxenia respecting the environment, the local community, our guests and our team.

Attention to detail...
Taking things personally...
Offering a unique colourful experience to our guests!


We are blessed to be situated in magnificent Zakynthos: picture gorgeous weather, long blonde beach, the cultural heritage very important, ... We figure you'd also enjoy learning more about the local community: taking walks around the scenic villages, be introduced to the endangered famous Caretta Caretta sea turtles that choose Zakynthos to lay their eggs, visit the Castelli farm and get acquainted with the Greek nature's wealth, taste the fresh fruit, or even pick olives with our team, and see how the local pure extra virgin olive oil is produced...not only taste it..

Green Practices

Castelli has always been oriented towards protecting the environment: our hotel building itself has been designed in an angle shape, to protect a fantastic eucalyptus tree that existed in our grounds for approximately two centuries before the hotel was built! Today we are proud to share with you many of our measures to minimize our footprint, without compromising out guests' comfort...



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Don’t miss your sunny Castelli holiday in 2016!

Did you hear the news? Our Hotel is being renovated.

The renovation project is completed for the summer of 2016, upgrading your holidays at Castelli evenmore: Always offering the same cozy atmosphere, but with added comfort, relaxation, and new delightful features for your precious holidays.

The New Castelli
  • Offers Free WiFi throughout the hotel
  • Features totally renovated guestrooms & creates new luxurious types
  • Establishes our inviting Piscina A La Carte Restaurant by the pool, focusing on organic ingredients and local produce
  • Introduces Half board & many more colourful additions

Take a sneak peak of the new designs here

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